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Clear Plastic Flat Lid for Paper Bowl - 120mm

$0.035 / Unit


for 1350 units

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Introducing the Clear Plastic Flat Lid for Paper Bowl - 120mm: the indispensable accessory for your custom paper bowls, offering practicality and convenience for a seamless dining experience. Crafted with precision and functionality, these flat lids ensure a secure seal and transparent visibility, preserving the freshness and presentation of your meals.

Tailored specifically for paper bowls, these flat lids provide a snug fit, preventing spills and leaks while maintaining the integrity of your dishes. Constructed from durable plastic material, these lids offer reliability and durability, allowing you to serve your customers with confidence.

Versatile and adaptable, these flat lids are suitable for a wide range of food service applications. Whether you're serving salads, pasta dishes, soups, desserts, or snacks, these lids ensure that your food remains protected and accessible, whether for dine-in, takeaway, or delivery orders.

With their clear design, these flat lids allow for easy identification of contents, while the flat surface facilitates efficient stacking and storage. Streamline your operations and enhance the efficiency of your food service establishment with these practical and versatile lids.

Say goodbye to spills and messes and hello to effortless dining solutions with our Clear Plastic Flat Lid for Paper Bowl - 120mm. Elevate your food service experience with lids that prioritize functionality and convenience. Whether you're serving salads, soups, or any other dish, these flat lids are the perfect complement to your custom paper bowls.

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