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Clear Plastic Dome Lid for PET Cups - 98mm

$0.032 / Unit


for 1000 units

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Introducing the Clear Plastic Dome Lid for PET Cups - 98mm: the perfect companion for your plastic cups, designed to provide convenience and practicality for your beverage service needs. Crafted with precision and care, this dome lid is tailored specifically for PET cups, ensuring a secure fit and reliable protection for your drinks.

Made from durable plastic material, this clear dome lid offers a transparent view of the contents of your PET cups, allowing customers to easily identify their beverages. Its 98mm diameter provides ample coverage for a variety of cup sizes, making it a versatile option for cafes, restaurants, and other foodservice establishments.

The dome shape of this plastic lid offers ample space for toppings such as whipped cream or additional garnishes, enhancing the presentation of your beverages. Whether you're serving up hot coffees, iced teas, or smoothies, this dome lid ensures that your drinks remain intact and ready to enjoy.

Say goodbye to spills and leaks with the Clear Plastic Dome Lid for PET Cups - 98mm. Whether you're operating a bustling café or hosting a catering event, this lid provides the perfect solution for sealing PET cups and ensuring a hassle-free drinking experience for your customers. Invest in this essential accessory for your plastic cups today and enjoy the convenience it brings to your beverage service.

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